Music for
and Relaxation

Light In The Darkness
Meditations For Two
Love and Kindness
First Light
Mirror Lake
Lone Pine Cyn
Moon of 1st Snow
Feather On Wind
../Walk Between Worlds
Path To The Heart
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Mirror Lake

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(all tracks below are partial samples)

Lone Pine Canyon
Cerro Noroeste
Rhapsody On A Theme Of Paganini, Var 18-Op.43
May There Be A Road
Three Steps From Heaven
No. 449
Yacqui Girl
Walk Softly
Ordinary Man
Piano Concerto No. 2, Adagio-Op.18
Just As I Am

Native American Music Award
Nominee Best New Age Album

Indian Summer Music Award
Nominee Best Flute Music

Indian Summer Music Award
Nominee Best World Music

When we first met in Lone Pine Canyon years ago, they took me in and embraced me, celebrating those things we had in common and casting aside those things that I thought held us apart. They called me their friend. They pointed me towards my path and held my hand as I fearfully walked into my future. With each step I took, they sent me encouragement and support. Now the years have passed and I find myself like the lone pine in the canyon, singing my song to an empty sky. So I reach back to their strength and take hold of their belief that what I began was my true way, and though no one around me seems to be listening, I stretch my arms to the dark storm above and send my song through the clouds, beyond to the One who sits in Heaven itself.