Music for
and Relaxation

Light In The Darkness
Meditations For Two
Love and Kindness
First Light
Mirror Lake
Lone Pine Cyn
Moon of 1st Snow
Feather On Wind
../Walk Between Worlds
Path To The Heart
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Mirror Lake

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(all tracks below are partial samples)

Leaves Of Green, Sky Of Blue
A Light In The Darkness
Surrounded By Love
A Simple, Ordinary, Precious Day
Arise And Walk
Ocean Dreams
I Am Not Alone
The Green Side Of The Grass
Going Home Day
Faith Over Fear
Prayer Circle

Indian Summer Music Award
Best Instrumental (Classical/Traditional) Song “The Green Side Of The Grass”

Native American Music Award Nominee Record Of The Year

Native American Music Award Nominee Best New Age/Instrumental Recording

Multi NAMA (Native American Music Awards) and ISMA (Indian Summer Music Awards) winner Golana´, returns with his 11th album A Light In the Darkness

A collection of 12 compositions of Golana´’s hauntingly beautiful flutes accompanied by piano, cello, violin, harp and guitars.

“In September of 2014, after a near fatal brain aneurysm, I wasn’t sure if I’d ever play my flutes again – let alone create and share another album. It took months before I could even hold a flute securely in my hands, and longer still to coax my fingers into playing the notes. It was a slow process to compose new music, and the recording sessions of the songs included on this CD were filled with many frustrating days when my mind, my hands, and my breath would not cooperate with the notes on the score. My recovery continues to this day and though I am a different man than I was before that afternoon in September, I am extremely grateful to be alive and to be able to give you this music.”