Music for
and Relaxation

Light In The Darkness
Meditations For Two
Love and Kindness
First Light
Mirror Lake
Lone Pine Cyn
Moon of 1st Snow
Feather On Wind
../Walk Between Worlds
Path To The Heart
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(all tracks below are partial samples)

Call Silence
Love & Kindness
Mercy Compassion & Forgiveness
Return To The Circle
Remembering You
Mi Cielo
Many Blessings
A Sacred Place
Hymn For Our Children
Evening Meditation

Native American Music Award Nominee Best Inspirational Recording

Native American Music Award Nominee Best New Age Recording

NAMA (Native American Music Awards) and ISMA (Indian Summer Music Awards) winner, Golana´, acclaimed master of the Native American flute returns with his ninth album Love & Kindness, featuring Peter Kater on piano.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this CD will go to the American Cancer Society.

“Gentle, emotional flute music is Golana´’s calling card. Over the course of nine albums, he has proven that he is not only an excellent flutist with beautiful tone, but also that he is a skilled composer whose music echoes the sentiments that make up this album’s title - LOVE AND KINDNESS. This set of eleven compositions features songs that are dreamy and wistful, bearing elements of reflection, joy and utmost peace. Golana´’s flute is central on each track, standing strong in the foreground. Providing accent is a backdrop that includes Peter Kater on piano, David Chamberlain on acoustic guitar, Cameron Stone on cello and Robert Anderson on violin. Highlights like “Remembering You” and “A Sacred Place” are soft and touching - the kind of music that beckons you to close your eyes and just “be”.”