Music for
and Relaxation

Light In The Darkness
Meditations For Two
Love and Kindness
First Light
Mirror Lake
Lone Pine Cyn
Moon of 1st Snow
Feather On Wind
Walk Between Worlds
Path To The Heart
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Playing the closing prayer on some very big speakers!

Surfing in Baja, CA in 1977
I had no idea I would one day be making music. For 20 years I loved being on the ocean. This photo reminds me of the lyrics from a couple of songs "What a long strange trip its been" and "I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger..."
My two closest friends - the Golden Retriever is named Oginali Efv or “Nali” for short.
Oginali Efv means “my friend the dog” and is where “Oginali Productions” came from. The little brown & black female was a stray I adopted. Her name is Maddy.
Live on radio KSBR in San Jaun Capistrano
with Robert Vincent (guitar)
and Scott Hartley (keyboards)

Southern CA Flute Gathering
playing the big bass flute.