Music for
and Relaxation

Light In The Darkness
Meditations For Two
Love and Kindness
First Light
Mirror Lake
Lone Pine Cyn
Moon of 1st Snow
Feather On Wind
../Walk Between Worlds
Path To The Heart
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Mirror Lake

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(all tracks below are partial samples)

Seven Ravens
Time of Long Nights
Water from Heaven
Moon of First Snow
Morning Storm
Cherokee Morning Song
Oginali Efv
Wind in the Leaves
Hymn of Peace
To Love and Be Loved
Eagle Flying High

Indian Summer Music Award
WINNER!! Best Contemporary Instrumental Album

Indian Summer Music Award
Nominee Best Flute Album

Native American Music Award
Nominee Best Instrumental Record

Debuted at #12 on New Age Voice Magazine’s “Airwaves Top 100”

One day I was overwhelmed by all of the suffering in this world.  So I went for a walk in the woods to ease my mind. When a Raven landed in the tree above me I began to sing the chorus of this song, playing the drum part with my hands upon my knees.  That night I dreamt the verse and awoke to find Seven Ravens sitting on my fence reminding me that the Great Mystery is still at work, the Divine Creator is still asking me to lean towards the light, to walk towards love.